Best Editing Packages To Get When Starting Youtube!

When you are starting Youtube, you want to produce the best videos of the best quality and with the right editing package so your videos can look stunning! 

But editing packages come at a price, and when you see that big o’l price tag you’ll be shocked. 
and this post will help you make the right decision, so that you do not fork out a lot of cash, for the wrong editing package! 

So Depending on what content you are creating, you will want to easily and freely use your package with ease, and without frustrate, so the first editing software is for mac users only, but
don’t be sad windows users,  we still have the right software for you!! 

Final Cut Pro: $149.99 (Mac)

With Its Widely Attractive Interface
Final Cut Pro Is Action Packed, Full Of Easy And Useful Drag And Drop FX! :o 

Amazing I know!! 
Before You Start Using This Package You Can Try A Free 30 Day Trial To See How You Go With It!

When I first started using this package, it was very reliable and simple to use, with its shortcuts and drag and drop features, it was easy for me to navigate!

I Also Found That Tutorials Help, Just Like This One!

So After Looking At That, Here Is A Windows Only Editing Package, That Is Amazing For Those Who Are A Little Bit More Experienced With Editing, But Is Still Easy To Use For Beginners! 

Sony Vegas Pro: £449  


Don’t Worry About The Price Tag, You Can Pick It Up Cheaper If You Look Around For It On Different Websites (Non Of Which Are Associated With Sony Themselves!)

With A Daunting Interface, You Can Very Easily Adjust To This Package With Lots Of Practice! 
When I First Started Using This Package, I struggled quite a lot but Ziovo’s Tutorial Helped Me Greatly And Taught Me The Basics! 

Ziovo’s Tutorial:

The Next Package On Our List Is For Mainly Experienced Editors Only, When I Started Using This Software I Struggled Tremendously, Because I didn’t really know how to edit at the time,
but by a bit of research online and some tutorials you can very easily get the hang of it!  Too Me Its Pretty Much The Photoshop Of Editing! 

Adobe After Effects: £20.00 Monthly (Windows & Mac)


With Its Unique Interface And Snazzy Tools, With Some Practice You Can Be A Master At Editing!!
If You Have A Past Experience With Other Adobe Programs You Probably Know What To Expect! 
And If Not Do Not Be Sad Because There Are Plenty Of Tutorials Online For You To Look At!!

Leave Your Most Favourite Editing Packages Down Below!
Hope This Review Helped You Out Stay Active For More Posts And Reviews A Little Like This!!