3 Tips To Help You Grow On Youtube!

When posting your videos on YouTube and watching big you-tubers such as Morgz, Markiplier, PewDiePie.
They make it look easy to grow on YouTube, but really it is  and with some of these small tips, you can grow on YouTube!!

Tip No.1 : Art!

When Starting YouTube, Learning How To Make Your Own Channel Art Can Be Really Useful.
In these two images you can see how having attractive channel art can be useful!

Here are some free photo editing software you can use!

  • 1:Gimp
  • 2: Pixlr
  • 3: Paint.net
  • 4: Fotor

If you have an attractive thumbnail for one of your videos, the viewer is more likely to click it! 
For art tutorials there are plenty of videos online aswell! 

Tip No.2 : Tags!

When I started creating videos, I found that tags were just as important as the video itself!! 
This Video Will Help You Greatly!! 
:arrow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGZOm_dCgMg

Tip No.3: Editing!

Editing is a huge part of making your videos especially if you want to include music and fx such as subtitles or mini montages!
If You Haven’t checked it out here is another post I made about editing packages!
 :arrow: http://www.socialscreenmedia.com/viewto … ?f=31&t=33

I know this post was very short, but I hope it helped you out!
Comment your advice down below!