New CS:GO Scams You Need To Watch Out For!

CS:GO Trading is a huge part of the game, players always want the newest and coolest skins, but some people have reasons where they cannot buy that skin, so they feel the need to steal someone else’s, these are called Scams!

Scam 1: OpenCase

OpenCase Is a site, that anyone can create using a website template that looks like this.
The Scam Starts Of, with a random person befriending you on steam, (Tip Do Not Friend Anyone If You Do Not Know Them!)
Then they start a conversation with you like this, Hey use this totally scam free website, use code FREE-SKINS For a free £10, so when you go onto the website you will be greeted with, OpenCase, :cry: ya thought this kind person was giving you £10 but no, they are trying to scam you!!
anyway, once you have opened an expensive case on the website, you will get a crazy item like a medusa or a karambit, or just profit a bit on the case, but when you try to withdraw you’ll need to deposit a certain amount, and so you deposit your skins, and then realise you have been scammed!!

Scam 2: Middle Man Scam!

This Scam also starts of with a random person befriending you, a random person will message you telling you I am interested in an item such as, a knife or an expensive skin, he/her will say how he/her wants to do a middle man trade instead of a normal one, so that you do not back out of the trade while he/her is buying a skin, he/her will ask you to choose any friend on your friends list you feel comfortable trading with, then he/her will get his second account pretend to friend your friend, and invite your friend to a group chat on steam, but the person he/her invited wasn’t your friend it was the scammer, but he changed his name and logo to your friend’s then your so-called friend will ask you to trade him/her the item, so the scammer gets the item, and you have been scammed!  then you will be upset, but do not worry because this all will be prevented just by reading this post! 

Scam 3: Fake Op-skins Bot Scam!

This Scam again starts of with another random scammer befriending you, the scammer will message you saying how he is interested in an item (from your inventory of-course) and how he/her will trade something cool for it, then he will say he needs to know if the items works on op-skins so they are marketable or something absolutely silly like that, he will ask you to deposit your items into op-skins but instead of pressing next he/her/ will ask you to reload the page, then you will get an offer from a Fake op-skins bot, do not accept this trade, this is the scammers bot he owns!, and the way you can tell its a scam is by promising 1 item but adding an extra one like a case or something like that!  its shocking how people can live with themselves for robbing others items that they have payed for.

Scam 4: I Got Banned On This Site Scam!

Again, A random person is befriending you for this scam, he will seem really worried and say how he has won £500 on this site you have never heard of but he got banned, and he wants you to login, and he will transfer his earnings to you (First Of, No Site Allows You to do that so that makes it real sketch!) and you will have £500 in your balance then when you try and withdraw it will say, you have to deposited a silly amount, and you ask the guy if he can send the money he says no, but he’ll give you £100 of the credits, so you deposit and try and withdraw but it will say item is unavailable and then you have been scammed! 

Scam 5: Pot Drop Scam

Again, A random person is befriending you, but for this one, the scammer messages you and says how he has control over a website, the website is a fake pot website where people bet there items on a roulette game, the wheel spins and the winner wins and the loser loses, the scammer tells you to pick a random player, the player you picked will win the next pot, so he says to you put your skins in and he says he will make you win the next pot, so you deposit your items and place a bet in the next pot, and you will lose and you have been scammed!

I Hope this scam has helped you, please post all the CS:GO scam accounts in the comments, so we can report them and get them banned!