CS:GO Trading Guide 2017

Video Games are always fun to play, but what makes it more fun, is when you have all that cool stuff the publishers make you buy 

Now I understand how these fancy items look cool, but they come at a value  But do not worry, I am sure you can save your money for some cool fancy weapon skins , But when your purchasing these fancy skins you wanna have a good deal  so you trade, You trade your item for his item because you like his item more, but even though you like his more, your’s might be worth more than his  and if you did accept that big o’l trade button you would probably do this –> 

So this fancy guide on JMGFX Is going to help you!

Tip 1 : Trading is fun, and enjoy it kids, its business skills!

(Tip No:1 Wasn’t really a tip it was more of a friendly way of saying, Its hard but you might get a fancy item at the end of it  )

Tip 2: When trading always make sure your item is worth less than his  , but don’t go crazy on this one, if its maybe 10 Cents to a Dollar then its fine, but if the item is worth 2 dollars and yours is worth 10 cents then that is just scamming someone!

Tip 3: For Checking your items value use sites such as, OPSkins, The Steam Analyst Web Plugin, Steam Community Market.

Tip 4: Talk to the player your trading with, for instance if your not chatting with the player, they could be about to look at the prices and you don’t want that  fingers crossed they don’t.

Tip 5: When trading make sure you aren’t at all getting scammed read my other blog for more info on this Tip! 

New CS:GO Scams You Need To Watch Out For!

And once you have successfully traded your item, Enjoy your  dream cs:go knife!